Axial Flow Pit Turbines

Improved Technology and Design

CHC has provided pit-type axial flow turbines to several projects over the years, and improved the design with each installation.  Thanks to its research and development team, CHC has perfected this equipment configuration in order to improve not only its operation and performance, but also to increase profitability for project owners.  Now working with its third generation design of pit turbines, CHC manufactures direct-connect horizontal units in sizes ranging from 1250 mm to over 3200 mm.

Top: Montmagny, QC – 2 x 900 mm Axial Flow Pit Turbines,
12 m Net Head, 410 kW/Unit

Middle: McLeod Dam, Belleville, ON – 2 x 1250 mm Axial
Flow Pit Turbines, 5.23 m Net Head, 400 kW/Unit

Bottom: Five Mile Hydro, New Hampshire – 1000 mm Axial Flow Pit Turbine, 6.5 m Net Head, 300 kW

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