Black River Falls Historic Dam Rebuilding

CHC provided a complete water-to-wire equipment package to the City of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, for the upgrade of its Black River Falls Hydroelectric Dam. This historic dam rebuilding project was completed in June 2012. The equipment package supplied by CHC included a 1250 mm vertical axial flow turbine, 550 kW/450 RPM generator with switchgear and controls package.


Milford GS Hydroelectric Project

The Milford Hydro Plant, originally built in 1906, is presently owned and operated by Black Bear Hydro Partners and is located on the Penobscot River in Milford, Maine. CHC provided two 1700 mm single-regulated axial flow turbines along with two 750 kW vertical synchronous generators. The plant was commissioned in the fall of 2011.


West Charleston Hydro Redevelopment Project

The West Charleston Dam, originally constructed circa 1900, was acquired by Great Bay Hydro Corporation in 2004. Located on the Clyde River in the Town of Charleston, Vermont, the plant was redeveloped in 2010/2011 and CHC provided a 1250 mm double-regulated axial flow turbine and a 675 kW synchronous generator. The unit was commissioned in April 2011.


Holtwood Hydro Expansion Project

The Holtwood Dam, owned and operated by PPL Generation LLC, is a ten-unit hydroelectric facility located on the Susquehanna River in Holtwood, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1910 and has an installed capacity of about 108 MW. CHC provided two 1350 mm vertical Francis auxiliary units and two synchronous generators to replace two decommissioned units which originally provided DC power for excitation.


Douglas Hydro Expansion Project

The Douglas Generating Station, owned and operated by Multistream Power Corporation, is located on the Bonnechere River in Douglas, Ontario. The redevelopment project involved replacing the existing equipment with six (6) new vertical axial flow units, two double-regulated, and four single-regulated, raising the plants production capacity from 500 kW to almost 1.4 MW.


Tulloch Hydroelectric Project - Third Unit Addition

In the spring of 2011, CHC commissioned a 6.75 MW conventional Kaplan turbine at the Tulloch Dam, located on the Stanislaus River in Jamestown, California. The new unit was provided along with a 6480 kW/450 rpm vertical brushless synchronous generator, switchgear and controls, and increased the plant’s capacity from 18 MW to 24.75 MW.


Almonte GS Lower Falls Redevelopment Project

CHC has modified the existing turbines of the Almonte Generating Station and reinstalled them together with a standard water-to-wire configuration in a newly constructed powerhouse located just downstream from the original plant. Thanks to these refurbished vertical 1700 mm axial flow units and the higher head available at the new location, the power plant has doubled its production capacity to 4.6 MW.


McLeod Dam Green Energy Hydro Project

McLeod Dam is one of six dams on the Moira River in Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by the Quinte Conservation Association. This dam was constructed in the late 1970's with the primary purpose of ice and flood control. It has now been retrofitted for the secondary purpose of power generation. CHC supplied the water-to-wire equipment package, consisting of two (2) 1250 mm axial flow pit turbines.


Welland Canal Green Energy Hydro Development Project

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC) together with Rankin Renewable Power Inc. have developed three green energy hydro power projects within the Welland Canal. The new power plants are located at the weirs adjacent to Locks 1, 2, and 3 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. CHC's water-to-wire packages included a 1700 mm vertical axial flow unit at each of the three power plants.


Sherman Island Minimum Flow Hydro Project

In 2004, Brookfield Power Installed a new minimum flow turbine at its Sherman Island hydroelectric power facility, located on the Hudson River in Queensbury, New York. CHC provided a 1250 mm single-regulated axial flow turbine and a 1250 kW/514 RPM vertical synchronous generator for the site.


Livermore Falls Minimum Flow Hydro Project

Located on the Androscoggin River in Maine, the Livermore hydro project required the installation of a turbine unit that would meet government minimum flow requirements on the river. CHC provided a water-to-wire package which included a 1500 mm single-regulated axial flow unit to comply with the minimum flow requirements.


Higley GS Lower Falls Hydroelectric Project

CHC provided Brookfield Power with a water-to-wire equipment package for the Higley generating station located on the Raquette River in New York State. CHC supplied four (4) 1500 mm axial flow turbines (2 single-regulated/2 double-regulated) to replace the existing Francis units. The redeveloped plant was put in operation in September 2003 and its capacity increased from 5 MW to 6.3 MW.


Oswegatchie Hydro Redevelopment Project

The Oswegatchie Hydro facility is located on the Upper Oswegatchie River in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York. CHC provided a water-to-wire package including two (2) 1250 mm double-regulated axial flow turbines. This redevelopment project began operations in July 2002, was constructed in only 13 months, and commissioned ahead of schedule.