Performance, Reliability, Profitability

CHC custom-designs and manufactures axial flow, Kaplan and Francis runners. Our line of axial flow turbines range in throat diameter size from 500 mm to 3200 mm, for projects with outputs from 100 kW to 25 MW.  Typically, turbines, shafts and inlets are delivered as a one-piece assembly in order to facilitate installation on site.
CHC works closely with developers to ensure optimum equipment sizing for a particular site by balancing revenues, civil and equipment costs.  This partnership continues throughout the civil works design and development phase, right through to commissioning, to minimize costs and reduce delay from the time of service connection to revenue generation.

Although CHC can provide turbines only, our specialty is the supply of complete water-to-wire packages.

The Whole Solution

CHC specializes in providing complete water-to-wire (W2W) equipment packages.
Typically, these comprehensive packages include all mechanical and electrical components, specifically:

  • Turbines and Associated Hydraulics
  • Inlets
  • Draft Tubes and Liners
  • Generators
  • Switchgear
  • Protection
  • Controls

CHC has adopted a best-in-class strategy with its water-to-wire equipment packages.  Customers receive the most advanced and reliable control, switchgear, protection and generator equipment in order to match the performance of CHC turbines and maximize their project return.  CHC takes overall responsibility for the procurement, integration and supply of all major components, offering customers critical benefits with respect to performance and cost control, while reducing overall project risk.  Established manufacturers approved by the client are used to supply components not manufactured by CHC.

A CHC W2W package ensures overall plant performance and cost control by providing:
  • Single point responsibility for overall plant performance (e.g., turbine and generator output, hydraulic efficiency, etc)
  • Optimized equipment specifications and integrated engineering of the plant’s major components.
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