Canadian Hydro Components (CHC) is a leading Canadian manufacturer of high performance, competitively priced hydroelectric turbines for low to medium head sites. Our team of highly skilled engineers, programmers, machinists, quality managers and field technicians are focused on producing the best possible product for each individual application and exceeding the customers' quality and service expectations. We take pride in our products and in our ability to provide a customized equipment solution that will meet all project objectives. For over 30 years, CHC has manufactured superior quality Axial Flow Kaplan and Propeller, Axial Flow Pit, Conventional Kaplan and Francis turbines, for hydro projects across Canada and the United States, with outputs ranging from 500 kW to 25 MW. Aggressive project schedules, accelerated equipment deliveries and comprehensive installation support tools are our specialties.

  • Water-to-Wire Packages
  • Axial Flow Kaplan and Propeller, Axial Flow Pit, Conventional Kaplan and Francis
  • Replacement Runners and Upgrades
  • Runner Repairs, Refurbishments and Modifications

CHC was incorporated in 1987 by Mike Dupuis, a lifelong and passionate supporter of renewable energy and small hydro. Mike owned and operated a number of hydroelectric plants in Ontario before opening the Almonte hydroelectric turbine manufacturing operation.

"CHC is committed to providing innovative, customized designed water-to-wire equipment packages that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations and we feel that our product and service portfolio is second to none."
Mike Dupuis, President

CHC partners with private developers, utilities and the world’s leading engineering firms, to design and build turbines that consistently exceed expectations when it comes to performance, reliability and profitability.



Customized Designs

CHC designs and manufactures complete water-to-wire Axial Flow Kaplan and Propeller, Axial Flow Pit, Conventional Kaplan and Francis turbine equipment packages. We also supply replacement runners, both as-kind and our standard, model-tested designs for existing axial flow and Francis units. We can adapt our standard turbine hearts and runners to any existing powerhouse with customized intakes and draft tube structures, minimizing civil work, capital costs and risk for the owner. We maintain inventory of several standard size turbine components, allowing for very fast deliveries during annual scheduled maintenance and repair periods.


Reliable Performance and Revenue projections

CHC’s engineering team provides developers with a detailed analysis of all available equipment configurations, in order to focus on the equipment option that is best suited to the hydro site and which will deliver the most power for the highest return on investment in the shortest possible time-frame.


Equipment Optimization

Using an early contractor engagement approach, CHC works closely with developers and project engineers to determine optimum equipment sizing for each particular site. The objective is to balance revenues, civil and equipment costs. This partnership continues throughout the civil works design and development phase right through to commissioning of the equipment, in order to keep project costs low and reduce the delay from the time of service connection to revenue generation.


Single Point Responsibility

CHC offers contract structures that cater to the customer’s needs, and can provide equipment under a full water-to-wire equipment supply contract directly with the owner. CHC therefore takes single point responsibility for all equipment provided under its scope, whether manufactured by CHC or third party suppliers, and coordinates the quality assurance and installation support on the entire equipment package, including embedments, turbines, generators, switchgear, controls and protection.


Precision Tools, Quality Workmanship

One of the keys to CHC’s success has been its commitment to design and manufacture as many components as possible in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. CHC utilizes technologically sophisticated pattern, casting, machining and measuring techniques in the manufacturing process to ensure superior quality and durability of all components, and to reduce delivery and lead times on orders. Components are fitted and test-assembled in our 40,000 square foot assembly hall and, whenever possible, delivered to the project site in one piece to simplify and accelerate the installation process.


Installation Support

CHC has developed a number of tools and strategies to map out the equipment installation process onsite. We provide detailed shipping sequence as part of project schedules and shipping and lifting diagrams to better plan for the unloading and installation of major components. The installation sequence and instructions are provided early on, as a hard copy installation manual and also in video form, providing a step by step breakdown of the total installation process and addresses specific technical questions both before and during the field installation phase.



CHC specializes in providing complete water-to-wire (W2W) equipment packages.
Typically, these comprehensive packages include all mechanical and electrical components, specifically:

  • Turbines and Associated Hydraulics
  • Inlets
  • Draft Tubes and Liners
  • Generators
  • Switchgear
  • Protection
  • Controls

CHC’S water-to-wire equipment packages are 100% North American supply. Customers receive the most advanced and reliable controls, switchgear, protection packages and generator equipment in order to match the performance of CHC turbines and maximize the project return. CHC takes overall responsibility for the procurement, integration and supply of all major components, offering customers critical benefits with respect to performance and cost control, while reducing overall project risk. Established North American manufacturers approved by the client are used to supply components which are not manufactured by CHC, so that long term equipment maintenance support is of no concern.

A CHC W2W package ensures overall plant performance and cost control by providing:

  • Single point responsibility for overall plant performance (e.g., turbine and generator output, hydraulic efficiency, etc)
  • Optimized equipment specifications and integrated engineering of the plant’s major components.
  • Long term equipment and maintenance support