Efficiency, Reliability, Power

CHC supplies more Axial Flow Kaplan and Propeller turbines than any other type of equipment in its product line. These units are built for durability and high efficiency and offer one of the most competitive cost-profitability ratios in the industry. Axial Flow Kaplan turbines feature adjustable wicket gates and turbine blades, to optimize efficiency across a wide range of heads and flows. They are optimal for low head hydro sites (5-35 meters) which experience variable flows throughout the year. Axial Flow Propeller turbines have fixed position turbine blades but allow for wicket gate adjustment and are suited to hydro sites which have little variance in head and flow conditions. In multi-unit plants, Axial Flow Propeller turbines are often installed in combination with Axial Flow Kaplan units for maximum control and flexibility in plant operation.

CHC currently manufactures axial flow turbines in vertical, horizontal and inclined configurations, in sizes ranging from 500 mm to over 3200 mm, and maintains an inventory of standard size parts in order to provide for shorter deliveries during scheduled maintenance and for unscheduled repairs.

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