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05 Improved Performance CHC can provide as kind and upgraded replacement runners and turbine components that will often outperform the original equipment. Our engineering team can design and retrofit an improved performance runner within the constraints of an existing powerhouse and ancillary equipment. CHC adopts a system solution for its upgrades: where required, parts are…
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Conventional Kaplan

04 Maximum Output and Control in Higher Head Conditions Specifically suited to high head hydro sites, CHC manufactures a range of conventional Kaplan turbines ranging in size from 500 mm to 3200 mm. Conventional Kaplan turbines feature adjustable turbine blades and wicket gates and are designed to optimize efficiency across a wide range of heads…
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01 Efficiency, Reliability, Power CHC supplies more Axial Flow Kaplan and Propeller turbines than any other type of equipment in its product line. These units are built for durability and high efficiency and offer one of the most competitive cost-profitability ratios in the industry. Axial Flow Kaplan turbines feature adjustable wicket gates and turbine blades,…
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03 Proven Technology Francis turbines have been around for 170 years, and have more installations than any other type of turbine in the world today.  Numerous designs offering variations in runner height, crown and band diameters, number of buckets, etc make Francis turbines a versatile option for a wide range of hydro projects with heads…
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