Conventional Kaplan


Maximum Output and Control in Higher Head Conditions

Specifically suited to high head hydro sites, CHC manufactures a range of conventional Kaplan turbines ranging in size from 500 mm to 3200 mm. Conventional Kaplan turbines feature adjustable turbine blades and wicket gates and are designed to optimize efficiency across a wide range of heads and flows. These turbines are arranged vertically and with a scroll shaped inlet. Flow enters tangentially through vertical guide vanes and wicket gates, spirals vertically through the rotor and exits through a draft tube to recover kinetic energy.

CHC's Conventional Kaplan design uses a servo mechanism for the runner blade actuation downstream of the cross-head instead of upstream. This design is preferred as it allows easier access to the servomotor seals and importantly eliminates displacement effects within the hub, significantly reducing seal wear and the possibility for foreign matter entrainment in the hub assembly.

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